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Doctor – Writer – Wanderer

Stephen Fabes is a doctor who likes to roam by foot and by bikeFor six years, from 2010 to 2016,Stephen cycled a distance equivalent to more than twice around the globe, crossing 75 countries and six continentsliving cheap and camping wild. His journey was fuelled by a passion for storytelling, and wilderness, and by a curiosity about the social, political and cultural context of health and disease. His writing has appeared in The Guardian, the Telegraph, Geographical and the BBC among others. He is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, an inspiring public speaker and a regular at live storytelling nights. He currently works in the emergency department at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, and time off is for running trails. Signs Of Life is his first book. 

The Book

Signs Of Life

To The Ends Of The Earth With A Doctor 

When Stephen Fabes left his job as a junior doctor and set out to ride around the world, frontline medicine quickly faded from his mind. Of more pressing concern were the daily challenges of life as an underfit rider on an overloaded bike, in entirely the wrong season, trying to coax a few more miles from “Ol’ Patchy”, his most faithful inner-tube, while under the seemingly constant threat oflocal wildlife; from mangy farm dogs and Alaskan grizzlies, to Australia’s ‘common death adder’, three words he was dismayed to find exist in sequence. Read more >

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