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I'm currently working in St Thomas' A&E department and in my free time I'm writing about the evolving situation on the frontline as well as exploring bigger questions concerning how the NHS might emerge from this crisis, and what its consequences, and our response, says about Britain today. I'll post articles below.

My book Signs of Life will launch on August 6th (venue TBC) though amid the turmoil of coronavirus, it's hard to know if there will be many opportunities to promote it in person. Scheduled events at present include the World Extreme Medicine Conference in October and perhaps some literary festivals later in the year.

So with speaking gigs out of the window for the time being, here's what else has been happening...

Tales of Adventure Podcast

16 June 2020

Myself and Chris Shirley discuss life on the road, homecomings and books

The Explorer Series

1 June 2020

Featured on the Explorer Series of Instagram videos from Mr Fogg's Collection

Telegraph feature

23 May 2020

How will the pandemic change the NHS and what does that means for us? Here's the full text of my feature for the Telegraph Magazine

Twitter Q&A at the virtual Cycle Touring Festival

25 April 2020

Myself, @JulianSayarer and @CarbonCycleKate tackle ‘can a bike ride a change the world?’ – with reference to our particular obsessions: health, human rights and the environment

Guardian Op-Ed

23 April 2020

Here's an opinion piece I wrote for The Guardian on the uncanny calm of London A&E departments and what this could mean as we move into the next stage of the pandemic

Pegasus Books acquire North American rights to Signs of Life

Sep 2019

Chuffed to announce that Pegasus Books will be publishing Signs of Life in North America. Launch date TBC

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